Thursday, 11 January 2018

#RedCardMovement: Why Nigerians Need Obi Ezkwesili and The Red Card

Are Nigerians ready for the Red Card Movement? If so, with Madam Oby at the fore front, they are in luck.
Red Card Movement, Madam Oby Ezekwesili
By Ali Faagba

Typical of this moment in every four years since the inception of the Fourth Republic, the nation called Nigeria  has always had that harrowing leadership impairment and disappointment from a dysfunctional leader whose ailment was not early diagnosed. This time it became baking hot at the wake of police brutality/SARS impunity that was brought to the light by the cry of a disgruntled public, who for long had endured this horror. 

Even in that moment of loud cries and profound dissatisfaction, what Nigerians got from their incumbent President as an intervention was no less elusive than its acclaimed war against corruption. President Muhammad Buhari's war against corruption, just like the country he now leads, is none but a mere contraption. Hence, the police, in an understandable esprit de corps collaboration with the government, went out of its way and boycotted a sincere protest staged by sincere citizens by hiring a drove of desperate house wives to go out. Thanks in large to poverty and ignorance. Those shavelings and ignoramuses gathered to counter the protest of their brothers didn't even know why they were assembled. But they were told to come out and by the time the sun goes down, they shall go home with a reward of whooping something less than 3 dollars. Sad, you thought? I thought the same. 

Take a look around again, only a few of us can boast of not having been a victim or being related to someone who had been a victim of SARS brutality. Yet all the president did was remain silent. 

As if all these weren't enough, another swathe of land, inhabited by people who have the same blood as ours, became desecrated and ravaged by Fulani herdsmen. Life and property which must remain inviolate no matter what became lawful. When Fulani realised our President's ear infection has worsen, they became as bold as brass and went on to challenge an established law of a state government. Perhaps, it may not be an ear infection this time. It may be that out President is rather occupied by a more demanding and important task: maneuvering Maina's way out of getting tried. 

When, Nigerians, are we ever going to get out of these kind of news? Imagine, while commutters who go far distances each day to eke out a living are left mind-shattered in that throe of fuel scarcity, the government still brazenly go ahead to announce to the people it's just about to bless some corruption founding fathers with some fast and luxurious cars. From which ever angle you look at the Nigeria of yesterday and today, your discernment will tell you "only the qualities matter in this country." There comes the question: are you and I among the qualities? Try and ask yourself this question and be transparent to yourself. If you are not, who can tell who's the next victim of a drug-empty hospital? Of bad roads? Of erratic power supply? Of insecurity? Of injustice? Of Of Of.... It's easier to count what is wrong with this country than to count what is not. 

Then PDP set in, trying to take this as their only chance to return to power. They've forgotten that we know enough to be sure that when you fail as an opposition, you are more than likely to fail as a government. 

Opposition is more than a party that lost election, it influences the government and can change a state's course. Has PDP yet considered it's score card as an opposition? Why should  Nigeria ever allow you again? An expelled student is an expelled student. (Sorry, if you don't find it funny)

But I say not to worry. It's not the first time a great change occurs. If you are familiar with the story of industrial revolution. Oppression of the people brought out the best in them and eventually gave them victory against the capitalists. To me, we as people look much more like an incense stick, it has its good odour but to bring the best out of it, we still set it on fire. Nigeria is not on its path to that fire, we have always been in fire. Why we have not arouse interests as the incense sticks would is still beyond me. 

But one thing is certain, everyday is for the thief and one day is for the owner. We cannot continue to put forward the people that left us in pain. It's not about age. Citizens, young or old, so long as they have the wherewithal to deliver us, are what we need. But what struggle succeed without a face? 
Every struggle needs a face. South Africa had Mandela. Slave Trade had Dubois. Black Nationalism had Luther King Jr. France had Napoleon. America had Washington. And even Israelites had Moses. Have you ever read it anywhere in the history that a revolution occurred without a face. I haven't. 

Selfishness and lack of uniformity has killed us for too long. And so if we must change the status quo and drain the swamp of the establishment in Abuja, we need a face of our own struggle and a referee to deliver the red card.  Madam Oby Ezekwesili could not have come at a better time. I was there the day the woman declared her mission. I found her to be on the offensive. Stern. Serious. On a mission. Mindful. All said. That's exactly what we need at this moment. A stern decision for a malignant problem. Desperate times.... 

If you were there with me the day PMB made his inaugural speech(Sadly, you are not), I was quick to raise an alarm. I said the iron speech we expected of a man who will reign in corruption in this country is not missing. No sign of readiness was evinced, or at least pronounced. Elites and others glossed over it and dismiss me as a mere pessimist. We know, very well, the spices that make a failing leadership. Holding on to power even at the point of death is one of them. And pointing fingers is another. What of stubborn refusal to let prisoners go to court? Blame him not though, it is not un-Africa to clinch tight to power even when it became obvious we can no longer uphold the responsibilities. Mugabe did it and the clap was loud. At least, for as long as it lasted. 

Now it's the time to turn this country around. Why? I feel for the first time since the tragical demise of Abiola, our struggle has got a face again in Obi Ezekweli. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the woman has not declared any ambition of holding a political office. But if all she does for us is to deliver the red card to the status quo, let's give her hands and give her the card. I will personally love to be there when she serves the card to our villain heroes.

From here, Nigerians, expectations are high. I am your brother in struggle. And I go by the name Ali Faagba. 

God bless my country

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