Welcome to Verify Naija,

Against the common culture of click bait, our mission is to fight news sensitisation and yellow journalism in Nigeria. We are dedicated to making sure you no longer tell rumours or promote bad news around. Whatever you read on our platform is what we can confirm to be true to the best of our abilities. Meanwhile, this is not a guarantee that we can't be wrong at times.

To err is human.......... We are human.

Besides, we welcome citizen reports, articles from prominent citizens and all category of citizens. As a a matter of fact, you don't have to be a great writer before you can write for us. As long as you are attempting to be good, our wonderful editors will see you there. Simply put, we give every bonafide citizen that has something to say a chance to get heard by others.

Once you have something to say, just go straight to our Contact Us page and shoot us a mail.

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